Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialization

Stonehaas Advisors is now providing expertise in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI-ML). Areas of specialty include Large Language Models (LLM) and Generative AI.

Texas Blockchain Council – CXO Services

Stonehaas Providers to provide CXO Services to Texas Blockchain Council.

My Possibilities – Foundation Board Secretary

In October of 2020, Sanjay Kalluvilayil, Founder & President, of Stonehaas Advisors was named to the Foundation Board for My Possibilities.  In May of 2021, Sanjay was elevated to the position of Board Secretary.

Blockchain Revolution!

In January 2021, Stonehaas Advisors began to specialize in the Blockchain, Bitcoin, & Crypto Space.

Stonehaas Advisors Official Business Launch

Stonehaas Advisors was founded to serve as a Trusted Advisor to companies, organizations, & governments, & executives. We provide a comprehensive portfolio of consultancy & CXO services to guide clients across the full lifecycle of their business or key initiatives. We can help you explore, enable, execute, and evolve your initiatives for long-term sustainable growth.

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